Beauty and the Beast vs.The Summer and Winter Garden

Most of the modern fairy tales are expected to be suitable for children at happy endings, and most of them are spooky over the past century, which is why they were modified over time.

Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont’s story “Beauty and the Beast” and Jacob and Wilherm Grimm’s “Summer and Winter Garden” have similarities and differences. These two stories are quite different as I wrote a special year. The story of LePrincede Beaumont was written in London in 1783 and the Grimm brothers in 1812.

Running: Summer and Winter 1 Difference between Summer and Winter Difference between Summer and Winter Everyone can not forget the moist summer air, beautiful spring flowers, autumn leaves, and winter snow. Each season has its own unique weather, which is distinguished from each other. Obviously, summer and winter are two contradictory.

In the summer, the first thought to come to mind is the sun; … In Mary Oliver’s poem “Summer” there are many poems installations that are very effective and can help to strengthen the theme of poetry. . I have found some particularly effective examples of metaphor, repeat, sarcasm. The most interesting poem installation in this poem is the use of an extended metaphor. That is obvious from line 3 to line 10: Who made it? That is, people are thrown out of the grass

Spring is the season between winter and summer. Fall or autumn is the season between summer and winter. Both seasons are beautiful; they are often wet. The autumn and spring seasons are beautiful, but there are some differences such as weather, color, activities. I like these two seasons, but I like autumn because I come from different continents from Asia. There is fall, but it is named “Fall”. The feature here is discoloration, there is no color change in my position.